Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome September

This month I am starting a give-away. Just post a comment to the question, should wooly walkers have a facebook page? I will randomly choose a winner, the prize will be an fine point Oxford Punch Needle size #9.

The #9 creates a 3/8" high loop and the fine point uses a single strand of worsted weight yarn. I love combining different height loops in the same piece it can really create amazing textures. You can also use a tall
er loops to accentuate a particular design element, such as lettering, it literally makes them pop!

courtesy of The Oxford Company

I am also starting a monthly newsletter, if you'd like to be included just let me know!


theresa said...

Yes you should. The blog can be attached to the FB page, so that friends and others can see what is going on. You only have to do the post in one place.

Tan Family said...

Yes! A page on FB can help you get linked to others out there in the fiber arts world who might not have found you any other way. It's also a great tool to keep customers up to date on what you are offering and where you are teaching. Plus, you can link FB to twitter and your updates will automatically post to twitter!