Friday, November 5, 2010


November is a time for thanks; I would like to extend a thank-you to all of you for continuing to encourage my creativity. I think we all go through times when we feel like we are in a creative slump. Here’s what I’ve been doing to push myself. First I just have to get off my ass and get moving! Sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. I do try to make a plan, I need to be better about writing down the plan; it’s too easy to drift from the plan. I’ve been trying to set a weekly goal. This week, I made two pieces of felt yardage for some punch work that will be tote bags, laid out two felted scarves (I’m still fighting with them so it’s a little frustrating), created a pattern for the “Monroe” bag* (it’s printed, labeled, listed on my website and ready to go!), put my new trivet kits up on my website. I still have two items left on this week’s list, finishing my sign and writing this blog post! Not bad, now that I’ve gotten this week under my belt, I’m going to start on next week’s list. How do you keep on task and spark your creative side?

I also few added items, I’ve contacted a Quilt lap stand maker about a wooden lap stand for Punching, he’s sending me one to try out, and I’ll post my review after it arrives. I’m very excited about it though. I’m also working with a new designer close to here in Diamond Bar, her designs are more primitive but with a sense of whimsy, hopefully we’ll debut her designs in December.

* note on the Monroe bag, it is for the plain pattern, no design included

Scroll down to see about the events I have coming up, maybe I'll see some of you this Sunday in Torrance?


Sheila E said...

Really Beautiful!! What more can be said besides that!
Hope the show is a smashing success...for Everyone!

Tan Family said...

The purse is gorgeous! We constantly strive for finding the perfect balance of creative time, business time, family time, etc. Never easy. I have lists each week that are prioritized and that helps. Good luck in Torrance! --Jennifer

Highland Monkey's said...

That's one beautiful bag. Really lovely.